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The HMB Super Syndicate


Here we find out what it means to be part of the HMB Super Syndicate, a concept devised by event rider Harriet Morris-Baumber and what current members, Angie Newman and Dave Blakley have gained from their personal experiences so far.

The HMB Super SyndicateF

Join The HMB Super Syndicate

Thanks to the HMB Super Syndicate owning an event horse is a hobby in everyone's grasp and is a great affordable way through which people can share the risks and rewards of horse ownership.

Owning an event horse has never been more inviting, you can experience the buzz of eventing at a whole new level. By joining the HMB Super Syndicate you will get to experience unique opportunities, exclusive offers and above all those once in a lifetime experiences that money simply cannot buy.

Depending on the individual agreement, you may even get to enjoy sumptuous hospitality at fantastic locations throughout the UK, socialising and making new friends with like-minded people.

Joining the syndicate comes with a lot of fun both on the yard and at competitions as you get to meet new people with a common interest and passion for horses, you will have the opportunity to get involved with 'behind the scenes' activities such as getting to see your horse in training, visit the stables and experience the thrill of watching your own horse competing.

Speaking to Angie Newman and Dave Blakley who are current members of the HMB Super Syndicate we found out what they have gained from being a HMB Super Syndicate member.

Both Angie and Dave have been coming to Harriet for lessons with their horses for about 18 months when they decided they wanted to become involved in the HMB Super Syndicate.

The HMB Super SyndicateF

Angie said: "Being a member of the syndicate is a great opportunity to be part of equestrian sport at a level I would not be able to compete at myself. It allows you to be part of a team and get the sense of the competition and a 'behind the scenes' experience".

You can be as involved in the syndicate as you wish, with Angie and Dave taking an active involvement in the Super Syndicate, attending events, walking the course with Harriet to gain an insight into how to tackle the different fences, and helping with the horses throughout the day. They also help out with grooming tasks, taking part in washing off, helping tack up and untack the horse.

Talking about Angie and Dave, Harriet said: "They have learnt a lot about the management of a competition horse from coming along to the events and getting involved in the tasks of an event horse".

The HMB Super SyndicateAngie enjoys being able to witness the sport from a competitor's perspective, admitting that, "it's a great way to learn more about the sport."

"I have learnt so much from being part of the HMB Super Syndicate that I have been able to improve my own riding and, being part of the Super Syndicate has inspired and motivated me to set my own riding goals," added Angie.

Dave also admits, "it is enjoyable to be able to support someone like Harriet to follow her dreams", adding that "it is great to feel part of a competitive team".

This is your opportunity to do more than just watch! Join in with the journey, experiencing the infectious energy and great fun. You can see, experience and live those unforgettable moments with HMB Super Syndicate.

To find out more call Harriet on (07795) 562745 or visit