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Louisa Milne-Home

Five Minutes with Louisa Milne-Home.

Five Minutes with Louisa Milne-Home

Robinson Animal Healthcare-sponsored rider Louisa Milne-Home chats about her passion for eventing and life on her yard in Scotland.

Tell us about your current top horse.

My current top horse is 4* eventer King Eider, who I have had since he was four-years-old. We have completed nine 4* events and he is still full of beans at 18 years old.

What is an average day like on your yard?

The horses are fed just after 7.30am, and then I normally school five horses whilst the mucking out is being done. They are put onto the walker to be ready for me to take off and ride. The horses are turned out after they are ridden and everyone heads in for some lunch around 1.30pm. After lunch I will do a bit of teaching and ride another couple of horses. Whilst I am teaching, the horses are all brought in again to be brushed and have their rugs changed. I then make up the feeds and we feed and finish off the yard at about 5pm.  I go back out at about 10pm to hay them all again and give a third feed to the horses requiring extra feed.

What is your favourite event and why? 

Badminton and Burghley are both amazing but I like some of the old-school Scottish ones like Eglington. The advanced section there has given loads of my horses a fantastic start to the highest level and was a good preparation run for the big autumn events. Sadly it doesn't run at that level anymore and it will be a big loss.  The drop there made the Burghley Leaf Pit look like small fry! I was first and second in the Advanced there a couple of years ago which was a fab day.

Five Minutes with Louisa Milne-Home

Why did you choose Eventing?

It was always what I enjoyed the most at Pony Club and I was always dreaming of riding at Badminton on my ponies and then my horses. I did nearly change to dressage as I went to work at Stephen Clarke's in my gap year and would go to Carl Hester's for fun at the weekends whilst at Cirencester, just to help out and get my horse fix.  I couldn't see myself not jumping now and in fact spend a lot more time doing British Show-jumping; with one horse that just does that now.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I don't have a lot of spare time but at the moment I am building a house so any time I do have is spent looking at floors, tiles, kitchens, bathrooms and paint! If I do get the chance it is nice to get away and catch up with family.

Who do you admire most in the sport?

Michael Jung makes it all look very easy and Andrew Nicholson is great to watch during the cross-country phase.  I think Ingrid Klimke is somebody that has really improved over the year, she always used to look very chancy jumping cross-country but now looks polished and safe.

What is the one training tip you would give to other riders?

There are so many but straightness of both horse and rider are good starting points.

What is the achievement you are most proud of?

Completing eight 4* events with King Eider and being one of only six horse and rider combinations to complete Badminton and Burghley in 2013.

What advice would you give to other's who would like to make a career out of eventing?

It is a huge commitment and there are a lot of lows to go with the highs as it takes a long time to produce a horse to the top level, but if you keep working hard you will get there. It is essential to get the right people around you to keep helping you move forward and improve.

Five Minutes with Louisa Milne-Home

What is your favourite RAHC product? 

They all have their moments where they are vital, but Animalintex® is definitely a yard must-have. Its versatility makes it the one product I would never be without at home or while away competing.

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