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Says Adrienne Yentis

Says Adrienne YentisA friend of mine recently was riding on the heath
and she came across a group of cattle strung out across the bridlepath with no way through – the only way off was to turn round. Fortunately her horse
remained calm throughout. But you can imagine how a nervous horse might react ........... read more

147 Inclosure act 1845

A Briefing

It shall be lawful for the secretary of state, upon the application in writing of the person interested, according to the definition herein before contained, in lands not subject to be inclosed under this act, or in lands subject to be inclosed under this act as to which no proceedings for an inclosure shall be pending, and who shall desire to effect an exchange of lands in which they respectively shall be so interested to direct inquiries whether such proposed exchange would be beneficial to the *owners* of such respective lands; and in the case the secretary of state shall be of the opinion that such exchange would be beneficial, and that the terms of the proposed exchange are just and reasonable, they shall, unless notice of dissent to the proposed exchange shall be given under provisions herein-after contained,, cause to be framed, and confirmed under the hand and seal of the secretary of state, an order of exchange, with a map or plan thereunto annexed, in which order shall be specified and shown the lands given and taken in exchange by each person so interested respectively; and a copy of such order,under the seal of the secretary of state, shall be delivered to each of the parties on whose application the exchange shall have been made; and such order of exchange shall be good,valid, and effectual in the law to all intents and purposes whatsoever, and shall be in nowise liable to be impeached by reason of ant infirmity of estate or defect of the title of the persons on whose application the same shall be and enure to, for and upon the same uses, trusts, intents, and purposes,and subject to the same conditions,charges,and encumbrances, as the lands given on such exchange would have stood limited or been subject to in case such order had not been made; and all expenses with reference to such order and exchange, or the inquiries relation thereto, or to any proposed exchange, shall be borne by the persons on whose application such an order shall have been made or such inquiries undertaken;

Provided always, that no exchange shall be made of any land held in right of any church or other ecclesiastical benefice, without the consent, testified in writing, of the bishop of the diocese and any patron of such benefice.

** waste lands of the manor (lands where no owner-s have been traced not included in this act)

Says Linda WrightSays Linda Wright

We moved to a Shropshire location a year ago having surveyed the local OS map and noted the significant number of bridleways around the property. Sadly the map appears a total fiction. Scarce any of the bridleways are usable ........... read more

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