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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

Chorleywood Common

Chorleywood Common, Bucks/Herts looks to be an 1899 Act common. There was a big outcry against permanent fencing (withdrawn) but now the Parish council has gone for temporary fencing which does not need SoS approval.

The horse track on the common is not directly affected but there are concerns that there may be displacement activity onto the horse track & the temporary fencing may be moved around.

It is very important that use of the horse track is not lost.

Chorleywood Common, Bucks/Herts looks to be an 1899 Act common.Says Anne Pearson

I have been objecting to fencing/cattle grazing on Chorleywood Common for some time now. The Parish Council erected a permanent fence without permission. This has now been removed as they were faced with a public inquiry and didn't want to risk the expense.

If you would like to see info about the grazing, the minutes of their minutes are recorded on their website

The matter is dealt with by the Open Spaces committee. Also, if you click on "news" on the right of the home page it will give the current status of the grazing situation.

They have now decided to get around this by erecting a fence for a few months each year and dismantling it year on year. They don't appear to care about the expense ! They will be applying for grants (tax payer's money).

There is a horse track on the common which won't be affected by the cattle enclosure. We are told that the track is a permissive track. There is a mention about horse riding, but not specifically about the horse track under their list of byelaws.

I am very interested in the fact that they may be coverering up the fact that we could ride all over the common.

How do we go about authenticating whether or not we do have the right so that I can put it to them, particularly as it would be good to be able to ride over Larks Meadow and through the adjacent woodland where they plan to enclose and graze.


The Rural Payments Agency wrote to Bob MiltonSays Bob Milton

Chorleywood Herts is both an 1899 common and a s193 urban district equestrian access over all the common CL44

I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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