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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

Bob Milton writes to Gerry Hamersley, Natural England

"NE should introduce an immediate moratorium on all s38 fencing for grazing /HLS applications and inquiries."

Says Bob Milton

The Rural Payments Agency wrote to Bob Milton I do agree with your parting thought that perhapsuntil the shear number of complex issues are clarified. This would relieve an enormous financial burden on the public and the supporting charities. There would be no loss to NE as the status quo would remain until the issues are decided and there was a consensus for a way forward. In fact we are talking only about the effect of free ranging extensive grazing as the rest of any HLS agreement such as scrub, bracken and Rhododendron control as well as exempt grazing could still be accomplished; there by, in my opinion, meeting the majority criteria for SSSI favourable recovering when viewed against the citations and the reason for which the land is held in a reasonable way.

This course of action would give everyone a breathing space and enable an industry wide working group supported by independent legal advice to bring a critical understanding of the conflicts [and the effect of HLS, such as displacement and dangerous gates] both between users [pedestrians dog walkers and equestrians] and conservationists, landholders and land managers/contractors and within Natural England itself to the fore rather than force the long winded litigation path.

I do hope that you will be able to put a brake on the rush to meet your PSA targets and obligations which only results in the enclosure of these open spaces held for public recreation

A very sensible approach

Says Dr. J. C. Bridger,
BSc., Ph.D, British Horse Society Access & Bridleways Officer for West Berkshire, British Horse Society Access& Bridleways Officer for Southern region, Mid & West Berks Local Access Forum member

"This sounds a very sensible approach and before more public money, time & energy is wasted on yet more public inquiries."

I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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