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Saving our forests is seeing the wood for the trees

Maureen Comber

Bradley Lane Pilsley

DCC refuse to accept that the presence of motor bikes is a danger to pedestrians and riders.

Says Patricia Stubbs

We are now clear in Peak Horsepower on what are DCC's plans for Bradley Lane Pilsley. They intend to consult on a Traffic Regulation Order which would exclude 4x4s but not motor bikes. They accept that 4x4s are doing unsustainable damage to the lane, but they say there is no evidence that motor bikes also do unsustainable damage. Nor do they accept that the presence of motor bikes on Bradley Lane is a danger to pedestrians and riders.

DCC will be consulting soon on their intentions. PHP will take part in the consutlation. We will be arguing that DCC should ban motor bikes on Bradley Lane on the grounds that that because the lane is narrow with blind bends the presence on it of motor bikes is inherently dangerous for horses and riders. We will also be arguing that motor bikes damaged the surface of the lane long before it was used by 4x4s.

If you have ever ridden on Bradley Lane, this is the kind of thing we need to know:

When did you use it - between what years?
How often do you use it / did you use to use it?
Do you ever still use it?
Do you use it less than in the past?
If you no longer use the lane, or use it less, why is this?
When were you first aware of motor cycles using the lane?
Have you ever met motor cycles on the lane yourself when riding?
What happened when you met them?
Have you ever been afraid, anxious or in danger because of the presence of motor bikes on the lane?
Describe any specific incidents involving motor bikes which you can recall, with approx date if you can remember
Do you remember seeing ruts caused by motor bikes?
When did motor bike ruts start to appear - (year)?
What was the effect of these ruts on your use of the lane?

If you can help with any of this,
please email me with details - .
Or if you prefer, give me a ring on 0114 2309311.

The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

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