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The Rider. The Forest Ranger. And the Shot Gun

Do you think the Forestry Commission should apologise to Adrienne Wright?Rider "incensed" at Forestry Commission suggestion that she made up the story.

Adrienne Wright was stopped while riding by a Forestry Commission Ranger carrying a shotgun

The Forestry Commission have just told, "We have no records of an incident report from our Rangers, the public or the police; so unfortunately we are unable to respond specifically to the article you have published online."

Says Adrienne, "I am absolute incensed by the suggestion that I may have made up this story."

"Why on earth would I invent such an incident."

"The fact that the FC have no record of the incident, leads me to believe that they were not aware that they had rangers in the forest in the evening with a shotgun."

"I suggest that the rangers were not authorised to be in the forest with a shotgun and that is why they did not make a report."

"Surrey Police will have a record of this incident to prove that I am not lying as two police ladies attended my house the next morning, and I have witnesses to back me up!! They said they would ‘investigate’ the incident and get back to me, but they never did."

Adrienne continues

"Concerning the shotgun, surely the FC would have a record of a shotgun, presumably licensed to them, being taken from their premises into the Forest, there must be some sort of signing of a book or document for a shotgun to be taken into the forest. I cannot believe that it can be legal for this to happen in the first case. Their own bylaw states that a shotgun shall not be carried or used in the forest."

"I wonder if this shotgun use was not authorised by the FC and that maybe the gun was privately owned and that is why the FC have no record of it being used in the forest."

"I have been stopped many times over the last 35 years whilst riding in the foresty. Some rangers are most polite and we have a conversation and wish each other a good day. Some are more aggressive and on several occasions I have given my name and address for them to add to their ‘report’. I have never felt there was a requirement for me to take the ranger’s name and keep records, this is bureaucracy going barmy."

"Do any other forest users take the name of a ranger when they have a conversation with them I wonder?"

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