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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

Hawkesbury Common

"It seems endemic that the establishment can enforce the law
but are not constrained by it!"

Says Steve YandallSays Steve Yandall

Legal compliance MUST be a feature of governance or criticism of individual public noncompliance becomes hypocricy and results in public contempt for both governance and the law.

Our experience in Cornwall (Aarhus/Disabled/CROW/Highways) of NGO non compliance was compounded by no government action being taken to enforce the law. Were I to be non compliant an example would be made!

It seems endemic amongst the establishment that they can enforce the law but are not constrained by it!


Hawkesbury Common CL 38 and Others

Bob Milton"It is the Councilís interpretation of the byelaws in relation to equestrian access for lawful personal recreation as being in breach of the byelaw that is being challenged. The powers under the Scheme are very specific and are in respect to the benefit of the horse and the commercial exploitation of the common and not for the removal of the right to public recreation on horseback."

Bob Milton writes to Ms Lyn Tucker
Senior Legal Officer
The Council Offices
Castle Street
Thornbury, South Gloucestershire BR35 1HF

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I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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