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Another day. Another stupid bridleway gate. In a stupid position

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This is one of the new conservation HLS gates on Holts Heath Dorset.

Which is completely inaccessible on horse back from the road.

What's more the gate shuts in under 5 seconds.

This is s15 common land so everything is unlawful.

The main bridleway equestrian access at the other end of this new fencing not on the cattle grid section has not been put in yet but a similar situation will arise because first, there is no way to open any gate in the position left and second, the gate way is almost on the road so there is no safety margin.

Similarly the two new bypass gates for the new cattle grids on this stretch of heavily used narrow road from Three Legged Cross to Holt look inadequate and do not seem to meet BS or BHS recommendations.

The common taken for the bypass highway looks insufficient [it has already been laid with tarmac]. It looks to me as if the standing area is too short for all but the smallest pony and trap without waiting on the road whilst the gate is opened and closed. No pictures -I am afraid it was too dangerous to park.

Bob Milton

Holts Heath Dorset

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