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Ludshott Common. The rumours. They're untrue

Ludshott Common.

Ludshott Common, which is owned and managed by the National Trust with the support of The Friends of Ludshott & Passfield Commons, is south west of the B3002 between Grayshott (Surrey) and Headley Down (Hampshire).

For weeks there have been rumours that the common is going to be completely fenced in and that cattle are going to be brought in to graze the whole area.

Local riders as well as ramblers and dog walkers were up in arms.

The rumours, however, are untrue.

What is true is that consultations are taking place about the future of the Common.

Chris Webb, Head Warden for Ludshott Common, has just told, "This is a genuine consultation to find out more about the people who use the common and their views on its future management.

"The common is one of the largest remaining areas of heathland in East Hampshire and a Site of Special Scientific Interest but it's also a place used by local communities to relax and enjoy, so it's vital that we take people's views on how we care for it into the future. "No decisions have been taken and it's vital that local people have their say on the future of this special place. We'd welcome the input from riders - particularly those who use the common frequently and wish their views to be known."

Comments should be sent to Chris Webb at the address below.

Chris Webb Head Warden
The National Trust, Ludshott and Selborne, East Hampshire
Hatch Farm
Tulls Lane
Nr Bordon Hampshire
GU35 8RB

Riders who use Ludshott Common. Send your views about the future of the area to Chris Webb

NOW. Make your voice heard NOW. Make certain that Ludshott Common stays horse-and-rider friendly.

Please also send us your views.

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