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Saving our forests is seeing the wood for the trees

Cradle Lane.  4WD uses Cradle Lane - to steal fuel.

4WD uses Cradle Lane - to steal fuel.

Says Maureen Comber

Says Maureen Comber4WD uses Cradle Lane - to steal fuel.I have just been told that a 4WD accessed Cradle Lane in order to steal the fuel from the vehicles at Grundons sandpit which is adjacent. It appears they tried to get out at the Headley End but the barrier prevented egress.

They drove up a bank to turn around and went back the way they had come in, at the Alice Holt end. Apparently there is no longer a barrier at this end. I don't know whether ROW have removed it or whether the criminals have taken it down but without a substantial barrier there we can expect this crime to be repeated.

It is not the first time that Grundons have had fuel stolen from their vehicles.

The question is now being asked if the TRO is to be implemented as that would make it more difficult to repeat this crime from Cradle Lane.

Naturally the Police will be informed but once again and for a completely different reason i.e. rural policing, I ask that a TRO to prevent use by motor vehicles along Cradle Lane is made ASAP.

4WD uses Cradle Lane - to steal fuel.

I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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