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Saving our forests is seeing the wood for the trees

Maureen Comber

Cradle Lane. More support for Maureen

Says Wendy McCann

I would like to offer my support to putting retrictions on usage for cradle lane.The surface and soil is unable to support use by motorised vehicles.In the past when riding my horses, I have experienced meeting large groups of motorcycles and bikes and even land rovers on Cradle Lane and Hardings Ride.

With the use of the Web green lane access is often advertised and people travel from miles away to drive up and down such tracks.They are also in my experience used as a playground by some who drive up and down them excessively. This leads to over usage and whilst I support access for all where possible and some motorcyclist are extremely considerate, I do not feel that cradle lane will be able to stand up to use by vehicles

As has been proved in the past the path will over time become inaccessible if we allow vehicles to use it.

With regard to the Shipwrights Way, I have been stopped on the forest section Shipwrights Way and asked why I was not wearing a headband.The persons who stopped me were forest workers in a forest vehicle.They were very polite but did not seem aware that as horse riders we have permission to be on the Shipwrights Way.

Cradle Lane. The argument continues.

It's Bob v Maureen. And Maureen wins

Cradle Lane.

Says Bob Stammers

Maureen, I think you may be guilty of throwing out the baby with the bathwater on this issue.

Cradle Lane is a BOAT, which means that everyone has rights to use it (even horseriders) and not just those who choose to amble along and not abuse it. It is certainly true that the lane was damaged, in particular by irresponsible vehicle users, but that does not mean that all vehicles should therefore be banned. By all means punish the guilty but to remove legal rights from an entire group on grounds of convenience is simply wrong.

If there is a statutory need to maintain the highway then it must be maintained for the benefit of all users and not just the select few. Lack of funding or other resources is not an acceptable reason for abrogating hard-won rights.

It seems to me that the approach taken by HCC Countryside Access is not only reasonable and sensible, it's the right approach.

Says Maureen Comber

There are many reasons why it is wrong to permit motor vehicles on this path. It should never have been designated BOAT even tho' it took years of time and tax payers money to change it from RUPP, because it is clearly an old horse and cart track. Its fragile surface on clay is not able to support such use. This has led to years of misery as a few have ruined it for the many.

Nobody has a right to make a nuisance and people have had to be tolerant for too long.

It is part of our countryside heritage and deserves protection from the sort of abuse I and others have witnessed over decades.

Taxpayers cannot and should not have to keep forking out to repair the damage done on these byways. There are many in this part of the world, which like Cradle Lane have become unusable through recreational use by mudpluggers. I have many complaints from residents in this regard. These days when motor vehicles dominate every road in the country this is just one way we might seek relief from their proximity which apart from safety is polluting and environmentally unfriendly.

To maintain it for the benefit of all as you suggest turns it into yet another road. Surely we have enough of those already?

Says Bob Stammers

Maureen, that's a much better effort, possibly even a winning argument!

The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

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