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Says Adrienne Yentis

Says Adrienne YentisA friend of mine recently was riding on the heath
and she came across a group of cattle strung out across the bridlepath with no way through – the only way off was to turn round. Fortunately her horse
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Maureen Comber demands an apology from
Hampshire County Council

Maureen Comber writes to Damian Hinds MP

"- It is lamentable that I have to write to you about the false representation and abuse of office

- May I suggest an apology and retraction is forthcoming as soon as possible,

Says Maureen Comber

Says Tony Barnett I have just received the email correspondence below and the attached from Hampshire County Council.

Please note that my two related simple requests were not made under foi. I asked only for a pro forma of who does what in the countryside department so that I would know who to contact.

The request was forwarded to FOI and seems to have been treated as a complaint, which it was not.

A pro forma was sent to me but with almost no names to the positions, so I asked if they could be supplied, after all we should know who we are dealing with if only because we pay these people to work for us, and quite handsomely too.

No mention of commons was made or intended but it clearly illustrates the problem, which is that when information is requested either the wrong information is given or the question not fully addressed, whereupon to prevent further queries one is given an unreasonable complainant Behaviour order!

We now seem to be as far from the Big Society or localism as its possible to be. Why is that?

These are serious allegations and thus deserve a VERY serious investigation, or look to Magna Carta, article 61 ,which confers legal powers on the public to resolve,via the monarch, poor governance through lawful rebellion. I consider this correspondence a serious imposition not only on my Human Rights but an infringement on the laws of this land.

Bureaucracy seems to be out of control?

Please note I am presuming it is bureaucracy rather than Members but if you know differently then please inform me.

The letter from HCC is as usual misleading and false because my query did not mention common land and I have not approached them on that subject since they wrote to me with their false information contained in the letter which you so helpfully procured for me at the end of October 2012.

As you will know there is simply no need for me to contact them on that subject again. I am expecting lawyers to do that fairly shortly.

In fact I have had no communication with them since that time about anything at all. They speak of my associates but I have no idea to whom they are referring.

As the BHS County Access Officer for Hampshire, as you may imagine I have many 'associates'. It is all part and parcel of my voluntary job for The British Horse Society, to try to improve off road access for horse riders primarily for their safety but also their enjoyment.

It seems to me this is a very long letter to excuse themselves from revealing the information I required since there can be no valid reason why it should be withheld?

Please may I ask you what can be done about this deplorable attempt to infringe my rights?

Dominic Raab notes this malfeasance in his book entitled 'The Assault on Liberty' he says "The use of ASBO's has not been confined to problem children, but expanded by petty minded local officials to cover a whole range of different- often trivial- cases, diverting precious resources from dealing with real crime....and stifling legitimate exercise of freedom of speech".

It is lamentable that I have to write to you about the false representation and abuse of office displayed by the attached letter.

Please may I suggest an apology and retraction is forthcoming as soon as possible, if that is you are content to ask for such?

Tony Barnett writes to Judith Downing,
FOI, Hampshire County Council

"It is fair to say that your department is either incapable, or have some other reason why you will not serve the public as you are required to do ".

Says Tony Barnett

Says Tony Barnett I am in receipt of a letter addressed to Mrs Maureen Comber, a lady I have known for some time and correspond/email regularly regarding the Maladministration of council officers HCC where absolute honesty towards members of the public is required.

So it fair to say that your department is either incapable, or have some other reason why you will not serve the public as you are required to do, I too have received from your department similar none compliance with request/application for evidence on which you rely on when responding to the applicants.

Each time you say that the questions/applications have been dealt with and therefore until a new inquiry has been made you will not respond and then accuse us of harassment of council officers to include yourself, absolute rubbish, the question is still being asked because you have not answered it in the first place.

**So, is Whitfield the owner in fee simple of freehold title to the common land "Broxhead Common" or the land lord in occupation, or the landlord/proprietor in occupation?**

As the registering authority this information, if you have complied with the 1965 CRA will show on a common owners register as such, this information again required/provided for under the legislation must be available on request by any member of the public.

Because you have refused to carryout an internal review of these matters, I am forwarding this email to the ICO for them to take up the matters, Mrs Comber was making the application for evidence on behalf of members of the public to include me, so now I am again applying for the evidence as is shown in ** but this time copying in the ICO.

Says Linda WrightSays Linda Wright

We moved to a Shropshire location a year ago having surveyed the local OS map and noted the significant number of bridleways around the property. Sadly the map appears a total fiction. Scarce any of the bridleways are usable ........... read more

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