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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

Wait a minute. What about horses and riders?

Have a look at the draft National Planning Policy Framework at para 89

- They mention pedestrians and cyclists as well as "high quality public transport facilities".

- They mention creating "safe and secure layouts which minimise conflicts between traffic and cyclists or pedestrians".

But there is no mention of horses and riders.

89. Planning strategies should protect and exploit opportunities for the use of sustainable transport modes for the movement of goods or people. Therefore, developments should be located and designed where practical to:

Accommodate the efficient delivery of goods and supplies

Give priority to pedestrian and cycle movements, and have access to high quality public transport facilities

Create safe and secure layouts which minimise conflicts between traffic and cyclists or pedestrians

Incorporate facilities for charging plug-in and other ultra-low emission vehicles; and

Consider the needs of disabled people by all modes of transport.

Says Maureen Comber

Horse riders left out of the frame again para 89

Please take part in the consultation.

Do you think horses and riders should be ignored in the Government Planning document?

Do you agree with Maureen
E-mail and tell us what you think.

Says Bob Stammers

Maureen, are you suggesting that a document providing a framework for planning of transport should consider horse riding as a means of transport?

100 years ago it was, I believe, an important part of the country's transport arrangements but, in 2011, I don't think so, do you?

I understand the desire to be free to ride one's horse wherever one fancies but transport? no. Horse riders have no place in para 89

Says Maureen Comber

It may be convenient but not much help to pigeon hole various uses. No need to wipe them out altogether tho' because they have a lawful right to use the road safely, so transport or no transport they must have a place in a National Planning Policy Framework, if not wanted for consideration on the roads then a comprehensive bridleway network in exchange perhaps

I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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