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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !


Message from 38 Degrees

Forest of Dean & District Horse Riders’ and Carriage Drivers’ Association awarded Euro grant to improve bridleway networkForest get-together at Battle Abbey on Saturday September 10 to plan response to Government's Forest Panel.

Good news! On Saturday 10th September at 11.30am, 38 Degrees members are getting together in Battle Abbey to help take a powerful message to the government’s forest panel: please protect our forests for future generations.

When over 30,000 38 Degrees members wrote in to the government's forest panel, lots of us shared the same views: we don’t want our forests sold off, and we want them to be properly looked after. Because so many of us got in touch, the panel have said they’ll meet us in mid-September. So now, we need to make sure our message is as powerful as possible.

Janet, a 38 Degrees member, has set up a forest get-together to share ideas about what we want for our forests’ future. The plan is to meet and talk, take photos and gather stories about why our forests are precious. Then all the ideas will be shared on the 38 Degrees website, collected together and taken to the panel.

Can you join in with your neighbours and go to the event on Saturday 10th September? You can find the event by entering your postcode on this page:

We'll use the panel's own questions about forests to start us off. But instead of just writing answers down, we'll bring our ideas to life with photos, videos and stories about our own experiences of England's woodlands.

If you think you can join in on Saturday 10th September, please click here to RSVP:

Hope you can get involved,

Hannah, Cian, Johnny, David, Marie, Becky and the 38 Degrees team

PS If you can't join in with the event this time, then there are other ways to be involved. You can chip in to help keep the forests campaign going by clicking here:

I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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