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Save Our Forests

* The Government is planning to sell over 635,000 acres of woodland

* Once woodland has been sold, the public will no longer have any automatic "right to roam" on the land

* The "right to roam" laws do not include riding

* Selling public woodland will dramatically reduce riders' rights to ride, force more and more riders on to increasingly dangerous roads and even force many riders to stop riding altogether.

Cash to maintain Rights of Way being siphoned off, says Maureen ComberNow we see it. Now we dont.

Cash to maintain Rights of Way being siphoned off,
says Maureen Comber

"Year on year, good times or bad we have been told there is insufficient cash to maintain the Rights of Way despite there being a grant from Central Government to cover the cost of the Statutory Duties. The problem was it wasn't ring fenced, so got siphoned off for what might have been regarded as more vote catching services such as libraries, a new 40m office building, bottled water, new pavers for Winchester, large salaries, pensions and so on."

"Now we see how we are being short changed in the countryside. One of the few pleasures we have, has been denied us for decades. I hope the people who are members of the East Hangers Bridleways Action Group who have been fund raising to maintain some of the few bridleways on the hangers at Steep, will note how their good will is being taken advantage of. One million of the £130M would do a lot to fix up some of the outstanding damage to the byways inflicted by 4WD's of which there are many in the District, without dreaming up an excuse like the Shipwrights Way to extract all the developer contributions for transport from EHDC."

"Volunteering is one thing but Statutory Duties are quite another."

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