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Save Our Forests

* The Government is planning to sell over 635,000 acres of woodland

* Once woodland has been sold, the public will no longer have any automatic "right to roam" on the land

* The "right to roam" laws do not include riding

* Selling public woodland will dramatically reduce riders' rights to ride, force more and more riders on to increasingly dangerous roads and even force many riders to stop riding altogether.

Steve Yandall on the BHS Statement on the Government's plans to sell our forests

The real issues are being overlooked"A BHS missing factor is the level at which their activities inject cash into local economies."

I fully endorse the BHS statement but would add that,as a public asset,the sale of woodland must retain public benefits in perpetuity.That MUST be achieved or the sales should not be progressed.

I guess it is for our government to explain why rights have not already been enshrined?

Any organisations with medieval restrictive rules should be excluded from the tendering process but also should justify their own financial partiality.The irony of charitable/conservation purchases is that a public asset may be privately purchased with public monies through grants(HLF ETC)!Ridiculous.

The irony of the accrual of 'conservation land' by large organisations is that central control can result in homogeny and macro management when the UK's diversity was built on micro management over millenia.

A BHS missing factor is the level at which their activities inject cash into local economies.

How many jobs/liveries will be lost if access becomes restrictive?

How secure will our countryside be as access becomes restricted?

Why do cattle have a right to graze under HLS but horse access is discouraged?

Our economy relied for millenia on horsepower but horse/rider are being discriminated against.Conversely conservators base much of what they do on the historic significance of grazing.Both contributed to our biodiversity but one is denied!In the BHS case the rider is the 'rare breed'!!

We must demand woodland sales on our( owners )terms or oppose the sale of all woodlands.

In a new millenia within a'big society'there is no place for feudal exclusion of any minority.

Be mindful that had the last government protected our assets that this sale would not have been necessary but that successive governments have encouraged population growth to the extent that exclusion will become a 'staple'if this opportunity is missed!

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