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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

Hartlebury common

What is the point of the OPEN SPACES SOCIETY?

Says Steve McCarron, Says Steve McCarron, Worcestershire Commons Association

"We here at Worcestershire Commons association are bitterly disappointed that the open spaces society, after stating that the enclosure of Hartlebury common was "Illegal" and found it difficult to "understand" how WCC could enclose Hartlebury Common (Edgar Powell) have left it up to private individuals to raise this issue and to oppose this transgression of our human rights!

What is the point of the OPEN SPACES SOCIETY if it does not act to preserve open spaces. Shame, with such a title, more than lip service is required."

Says Steve Yandall

Says Steve Yandall"I have yet to check but it is certainly worth looking into whether this is in contravention of the OSS charitable status?

In standing back from clear illegalities that erode our open spaces they are actually facilitating those same enclosures and easing the erosion of democracy and personal freedoms."

What is your opinion of the Open Spaces Society?

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I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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