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New interim CEO appointed

Change? I think not.

Fingers up to 'best practice,duty of care,expertise,localism and accountability'then!!

Says Steve Yandall

Says Steve YandallThe recent appointment of Dave Webster, as interim CEO of Natural England,following the move to Yorkshire Water by Dr Helen Phillips, posed the question "is change on the agenda"?

The news that Tintagel(Cornwall) has been 'allowed' to keep a small area of unfenced coastland appears to support that belief BUT will a few HLS 'crumbs' really confirm cultural changes within NE or does a small gift represent no more than a diversion to keep the main agenda on track?

A letter,to 'Save Penwith Moors' via our MP Andrew George, received from Mr Webster appears to confirm the latter.

Within that letter no reference existed to the actual core issues of exclusion,unlawfulness,means,resources,outcomes,misinformation etc.What the letter contained was a clear indication that it is business as usual at NE and that focusing on the secondary issues of vexation and cost would appear to be enough to garner political support for NE.

Through our(SPM) coordinator,Ian McNeil Cooke,it has been confirmed by Cornwall Council that the existence of further unlawful works(be mindful that 'our' areas are but 4 small areas)was correct and that our further claims of unlawfulness which are beyond the legal remit of Cornwall Council are being ignored by NE and ministers.

Fingers up to 'best practice,duty of care,expertise, localism and accountability' then!!

Does change represent,to NE,

  • C--control.
  • H--human.
  • A--access.
  • N--nice.
  • G--government.
  • E--earner.?????

Change,to us,represents something entirely different. Tackle the issues NOT the messengers Mr Webster!

People MUST be a consideration within every environmental scheme and,with correct husbandry,can be BUT NE adopt conservation practices to the detriment of public access merely to administer Euro funding.

I leave you with the words of Stephen Warman(NE senior manager)--"we(NE) would be seen as successful if all we did was to put money into the rural economy"!!!


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