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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

Stop HS2 call Day of Action

Stop H2S

The Stop HS2 campaign is calling a day of action on Monday 16th July, the day before the parliamentary recess. The intention of the day is for supporters of the campaign to take an action of any kind on the day itself to remind MPs before they go on holiday that we have not and will not be going away, and we remain resolute and committed to the cause. As part of the day, there will be a rally outside Parliament in Old Palace Yard, SW1P 3JY, from 12-2pm.

Stop HS2 Campaign Coordinator Joe Rukin said;

“On 16th July we will be asking our supporters to take action, no matter how small or simple. It can be as little as ringing or emailing your MP or councillors, but the important thing is that people do something. Besides delivering letters to all MPs, we will also be holding a rally and photocall outside Parliament on the day and we hope people can join us, and if they are coming either get their MP to join us or arrange a meeting on the day. Everyone on the Stop HS2 mailing list, which can be joined via our website will get a further email the day before to remind them to take action on the 16th.”

Penny Gaines, Chair of the group, said:

“It will send a strong message to Members of Parliament that it is something that people are really bothered about. We picked that date because MPs break up on the 17th and we want to make HS2 one of the last things they think about as they start their summer break.”

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