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Says Sandra SmithSays Sandra Smith

The speed required to ensure that a gate closes is greater than the velocity required to amputate a finger, crush a child or the head of a dog, trap a push or wheelchair, or – literally - tear a hole in the side of a horse ......... read more

Frensham Common, Surrey

British Horse SocietyPraise for Tony Barnett from BHS Chief Executive

Bravo and well done to all!

Good for all of you.

Real access success.

I'm very impressed indeed.

Praise for Tony Barnett from Steve Yandall

Any person taking the time to know Tony soon realises that there is no fiction regarding this diamond (in the rough) of a man.

He achieves, in months,what others fail,over years, to even recognise as a target.

Working WITH Tony(and others) could replicate this success in multiple locations that have been 'requisitioned' through assumptive rather than legal means.Our rights have not been exercised(with the exception of Common Heritage) and thus Common Lands have been compromised.We are losing access through stealth rather than by law!

I believe that every BHS region should be encouraged to reregister Common Land to exercise our 900 year rights AND to guarantee access.I also believe that the BHS should be far more strident in demanding compliance with the law of those that impair equine enjoyment-this implies confronting bodies from the government down.

Good on you Tony and thanks from all environmental democrats!

Says Maureen Comber

Says Maureen ComberI have been given an ASBO by the Hampshire County Council for standing up for riders rights.

How many other people have been silenced by Hampshire County Council? ........... read more

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