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The Governement should sycamore rider-friendly policy !

Tony Barnett Takes on The Planning Inspectorate

Thanking me for my comments is not enough, reasons why the atrocities were consented to is what I require

Dear Mr Barnett

Thank you for your email.

Your comments are noted.

Yours sincerely

Gina Warman

Gina Warman
Casework Manager,
Common Land Casework Team
Enforcement & Specialist Casework
The Planning Inspectorate

Tony Barnett writes to the Planning InspectorateTony Barnett writes to the Planning Inspectorate

In 2001 I took down gates erected by Oerlemans and Taylor, in that year i attended Shrewsbury Crown Court, and was freed of all charges, in 2002 Oerlemans and Taylor applied to have the gates re-erected, on 31st Jan 2003 both were ordered not to replace the enclosures by the courts, in Feb 2003 a representative of the SOS was in attendance at a public hearing and subsequent to that the applicants were refused consent.

Not only did the public opinion defeat the applicants, but parliamentary legislation on enclosure together with the crow act defeated that application.

The 2006 commons act, if complied with, and the request for an official from the SOS would also have defeated the application where approvement, encroachment, enclosure and commoners grazing and public unimpeded access was an issue, together with acts that are part of the 2006 fraud act, False representation, failure to disclose and abuse of office just to examine a few, so why/how can Lewis and or butterfly conservation have succeeded where Oerlemans and Taylor failed.

My understanding of which has been upheld, is that applicants are required to disclose, you did not request that information, the decision by Gina Warman/katrina Sporle to the refuse us the rights of a representative from the Secretary of State and therefore a public hearing was a corrupt one, which did allow a fraudulent application to be accepted, resulting total carnage to the common land, and my recent arrest, for this I will seek damages

To run with the fox and hounds is not the remit of a government officer/s so to submit a supplementary to be affixed to your decision,was contemptible.

Yourselves were provided with documentation to show that there were no pre registration of titles to Whitchurch Heath Common, aka prees heath.

I pine for a more sensible approach to saving our forests

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