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Says Naomi Smith

Says Naomi SmithIt is all too possible to round a corner on horseback and come upon a group of cattle with no prior warning -this WILL result in a horse being badly spooked at best, bolting at worst -it is only a matter of time ........... read more

Tony Barnett writes to Alice Sharman, Civil Society

"Wildlife Trust CEO's refusal to investigate members fraudulent activities is a get out exercise."

Says Tony Barnett

Says Tony Barnett The CEO of the Wildlife Trust head office Stephanie Hilbourne refused to become involved with the investigation of county wildlife trusts fraudulent activities, saying that they are autonomous!.

This is a get out exercise, counties apply to wildlife trusts headquarters to be considered for association/membership and need to comply with procedure, so how can country wildlife trusts be independent/autonomous? the headquarters charge a premium for association.

I spoke to the CEO of the wildlife trust this morning for an explanation why no action has been taken against those I reported over the last 15 years, recently Yateley Common has been, still is being used as collateral by wildlife trust from that are county of Hampshire, this a can be seen by the erection of enclosure and the introduction of livestock alien to registered commoners livestock which are damaging the flora and keeping out lawful access to ancient rites of access by horse and walkers, the works cannot obtain public liability because the works are unlawful, and there is no law to protect the works.

As in my last report on charities abuse of office(2006 fraud act) a government paper (charities protection and social investment Bill) to provide stronger protection for charities in England and Wales from individuals who are unfit to be charity trustees, well David Attenborough and Pro Manning OBE are part of this charity they are not fit for purpose in deed Attenborough has been notified of the fraud and collusion with others by his PA at Bristol Natural History, yet he will not respond, money for good causes is being directed away from good causes and into the pockets of parasites, Butterfly Conservation fully supported by Shropshire wildlife trust also appealing for funding on behalf of that org.

Shropshire trust also claimed £250,000 to purchase 500 acres of common land Catherton Common in Shropshire, this common land is not freehold, yet Ernst & Young receivers, fully aware that the vendor had no title still went a head with the alleged conveyance, to Shropshire trust, just like butterfly conservation cannot disclose title deeds to pre-date 1189 a requirement before demesne lands could be registered under the 1925 law of property act, evidence tho from the Shropshire corrupt council can show the 1965 CRA as a section 9 of that act, both criminal acts have deprived the ordinary working folk of ancient rites.

Wildlife trusts up and down the Kingdom and Principality have made false representations to Landfill, Lottery funding, Beta etc. thats how salaries of £45, 000 + can be paid, none of the employee's do not have any experience in natural phenomena, as one that had just taken up post with Hampshire replied when I said common land is open access from all points of view (2000 crow act), OK then whats your point of view she asked.

let Stephanie Hilbourne examine those two, then I will send more, or better still stand down so a more intelligent person can be appointed.

Today I phoned other funders for their procedure rules on applications for funding, surprisingly all held the view that claims must be examined for validation before any consideration may be taken, what a load of tosh.

Heading the list of investigators is Entrust, a government body stemming from HMRC, it states that for funding from landfill the project must be within a 10 mile radius of a landfill site and ownership details must be disclosed, funding applied for in this case by a go-fer for butterfly conservation to natural England was turned down because it was fraudulent, the aka to this common was used, so no proof of rites could be disclosed, the application to landfill was by granscape, again no documentation, no inquiries were made by landfill even to the disclosure of my documentation to show the application was fraud, Shropshire wildlife trust gained another £45 + even tho evidence was held by the registration offer at council, was available for inspection.

I spoke to the fund raiser at the RSPB this morning for information on its procedure of appeals for funds, he also stated that strict checks are made to evaluate the prospect of the project before appealing for funding, at the top of the list type of land, was is it available to purchase or if the project could gain consent from land owners, where common land was the project, the subject to the commons registration acts, they would be out of the equation altogether.

Well now, just a few years ago, an appeal for funding was made and secured, the application was to heritage lottery, like wren,landfill this funding is for good causes and not for private agendas but nevertheless £900,000 was awarded to the RSPB for projects on Hazeley Heath common, it is registered as common land even though the owner of the demesne lands sold all titles, this is still common, not subject to any form of impediments, so why did Camelot not take up my challenge to examine RSPB's application that was presented without any disclosure? we need the protection from individuals that are unfit to be trustees, the wildlife trust were also involved like the fish that follow the shark for tit-bits, parasite`s in other words, but then all fit into this category.

The statement from wildlife trust's CEO was that county wildlife trusts are doing a good job looking after the countryside, how would she like them in her garden?

I will ask any one that has valid interest in their ancient rites to common land and to lawful rites to funding for good causes stand up, those in post are not fit for purpose and should be removed, Stephanie Hilbourne must now set up an inquiry team to include members of organisations/associations into the fraudulent activities by all conservation charities and to remove the safety net from them, contact or tony barnett 01630685164

Alice Sharman

Reporter, Civil Society Media Ltd from October 2013

Alice joined Civil Society Media in October 2013 after completing an MA in journalism at Kingston University.

She undertook her undergraduate degree at the University of Leicester in English literature and sociology.

She was on the executive team for the university's Raising and Giving society which involved organising and running fundraising events.

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Says Linda Wright

Says Linda WrightWe moved to a Shropshire location a year ago having surveyed the local OS map and noted the significant number of bridleways around the property. Sadly the map appears a total fiction. Scarce any of the bridleways are usable ........... read more

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