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Saving our forests is seeing the wood for the trees

A key question for all riders

"Is it illegal to plough up or otherwise disturb footpaths?"

Says Steve Yandall

"It poses the question to me -does grazing and thus collateral footpath damage constitute 'otherwise disturb footpaths?'"

" The aim of the law appears to be the avoidance of obstructions to legal access. Cattle stop access frequently especially in wet conditions where 'pinch points'exist and the current 'lust' for HLS grazing appears to discount the clearance of 'pinch points' whilst increasing the risk of turning footpaths into impassable mires!"

" If I am correct the implications are enormous."

Says Bob Milton

"Yes Yes and Yes."

" It would be the duty of the Highway authority to enforce the maintenance of the surface of the right of way so that if as a result of the introduction of grazing on a common which has a right of way over it, it would be the duty of the HA to maintain it ‘suitable for its purpose’ not enhance it."

" They would of course be able to get the money back from the land owner or even get him to do the work."

The Government can't cedar wood for the trees !

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